Join Us and Experience Amazing BBQ

BBQ2Go was started out of the necessity of providing cooking equipment for local charities in the Napa Valley.

Over time, Chef Bob, took on larger and larger events to the point he was renting equipment just to be able to provide food, cooked on time and hot for each event.

This was defeating the purpose, cash was going the wrong way for these Charity Events, Something needed to be done.

After several years, with his trusty Treager in tow, Chef Bob met Tom "Big Pig" Sharpe ( and an idea was born.

With Tom's help Bob was able to purchase his new ABS Judge.
But what to do with the Smokers when there is not a local event?
Solution: BBQ2GO.BIZ

We rent these BBQ's and Smokers and all profits from the rentals go back to the local charities from where the need came from.

Win / Win for everyone. We have fun cooking, you get an affordable BBQ / Smoker delivered, set up and hauled away after your event.
No Muss, No Fuss.